Sunday, February 22, 2009

Queen of the South - Parangtritis, Central Java

Queen of the South Sea - Ratu KidulJava's south coast is shrouded in mystery and legend, and nowhere is this more alive than in the heartland of Javanese culture and lore, Yogyakarta. The special province of Yogyakarta is remarkable for many reasons. It is home to a still-functioning royal court with a widely-loved monarch. Just to the north of the city is the legendary volcano, Merapi, also

Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Village of Tenganan in Bali

The village of Tenganan in Bali carefully preserves a cultural legacy dating back to the Majapahit Empire, and offers a unique glimpse into the lives of the first Balinese.Midway through each year, an undercurrent of intense excitement surrounds the unique Baliese village of Tenganan. A buffalo is ceremoniously slaughtered, while beautiful textile heirlooms are displayed in the open. An ancient

Friday, February 6, 2009

Handicraft Batik

Hai All...
ini adalah koleksi handicraft dari batik madura yang dipadu dengan permainan bordir
terbuat dari bahan dasar bellacu yang halus.

Ini hanyalah contoh produk, stok yang ada selalu berubah.

buat yang mau dijual lagi, bisa pesan..dan tentunya ada harga khusus

ditunggu belanjanya....

sarung Bantal Lantai
IDR : 95.000

kotak tisue
harga : IDR 35.000

Prime IDR. 65.000

Tutup Galon
price : IDR 55.000

Tutup Kulkas
IDR 65.000

Guling Batik
Price : IDR 65.000

Sarung Bantal untuk sofa
Price : IDR 150.000 / set

Taplak Meja Makan
Price : 120.000 (4 kursi), 135rb (6 kursi) dan 155rb (8kursi)

Tutup Cangkir
Price : IDR 30.000/set

Alas Cangkir
Price : IDR 35.000 /set