Wednesday, July 12, 2006

18 Floor-based art creates an illusion

A pattern created on the floor by joining starson a common background provides an illusion. Take your time getting used to it! It is the right way up.

17 Image from Mystic India- Another Rangoli

This picture is taken from the Mystic India site mentioned earlier. Note the detail of rangoli patterns being out together by the women. They have to work on the floor for long hours possibly to complete the work in one day. Also try to assess the size of the rangoli by comparing the pattern with the people or the building in the background. Make sure that you visit the original Mystic India site

16 The Victory of Good over Evil

The effigy of Ravan, as made by a community groupin Slough, England. Do you know the story of Ravan?

Friday, July 7, 2006

15. Mystic India- an exciting photo gallery!

This is the title of a film, which I have not seen but it is highly rated.The film itself could be interest to teachers, students and researchersOne of the best and largest rangoli or floor paintings that I have seen can be found at The photo gallery is well worth a visit!