Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Birth of Pahuyuth and Ancient Muay Thai

Prior to the Sukhothai era, Thai civilization dated as far back as those of the Egyptians, Babylonians, and the Assyrians. They were established before the Buddhist era in a land called “Aay Loa Kingdom” one the river banks of Huang Ho and Yang Jue rivers, presently known as Schezuan, Hubei, Anhui, and Kiangsi in China. There were later defeated and had to continue migrating south to maintain

Monday, August 28, 2006

Pahuyuth AwudThai

Foreword.....When I was asked to write about “Ancient Thai Boxing and Muay Chaiya”, I felt it was a difficult task because the society at large has lost interest in the subject. But after thorough consideration, I have come to the decision to do so, in order to honor and show my gratitude to my teachers who have patiently taught me and to my homeland, the Kingdom of Thailand. .....Please note

Muay Chaiya Original Muay thai

Thai national martial art is, naturally, MuayThai. But how many really know the true Muay Thai beyond the thought of two big, muscular boxers furiously exchanging kicks as seen at the boxing camps or the famous stadiums such as the Lumpinee and the Rachadumneun?The original Muay Thai uses one’s wits more than brute strength, and ends up with injury sustained by

Monday, August 7, 2006

Calling ephemeral arts teachers, artists, writers and researchers

Calling ephemeral arts teachers, writers and researchers from any part of the world!I am interested in hearing from teachers, artists, writers and researchers who are interested in the ephemeral arts. Our definition of ephemeral arts is," Arts which are temporary or short-lived, based on a specific occasion or event and transitory in nature".A Festival of Ephemeral Arts, which is held at various

Exploring Ephemeral Arts - the best blog on the subject?

A few questions about the progress made so far..This site has been exploring a number of areas connected with ephemeral arts. It would be useful to examine what has been achieved so far and to outline the scope for future development of the blog as a resource for students, teachers, librarians and parents.Further work is to be presented to address the specific areas of interest that have been

Exploring sources of inspiration 2- Ephemeral arts as cultural communication

How does hair inspire ephemeral outcomes?Helen Coleman(1) writes," Hairstyling and hairdressing have great cultural significance in Africa. Coiffures have been regarded as diagnostic of ethnic origin, gender, phase of life cycle, as well as simply fashion; and have been related to power, age, religion, and politics. The transitory yet highly visible nature of hair ensures its suitability as a

'Sycamore Leaves Stitched together' by Andy Goldsworthy

This is an example of work that is transient, with a defined 'life'. It was created in Yorkshire Sculpture Park on 23 October 1987. The picture is on display at the Springer & Winckler Gallery. Source http://www.artnet.com A search using any of the regular search engines is recommended.I have selected this picture from many that are available because it shows how the artist has used brightly

Exploring Sources of Inspiration 1- Andy Goldsworthy

The Sculptures of Andy GoldsworthyAndy Goldsworthy is an environmental sculptor in which his use of the natural surroundings create an art form. He explores and experiments with various natural materiel such as leaves, grasses, stones, wood, sand, clay, ice, and snow. The seasons and weather determine the materials and the subject matter of his projects. With no preconceived ideas about what he

Further Examples of Ephemeral Arts

Further Examples of Ephemeral ArtsThe most notable examples in this site are drawn from the Indian Subcontinent. These are mehndi, rangoli, masks, fancy festival dress, face painting and floral decorations.Mehndi consists of decorations of hands, feet and face by using henna paste. Mehndi is used to celebrate weddings, cultural events and now, increasingly as a fashion statement. Examples of

Belgian Floral Carpet

The Grand Palace in Brussels hosts a Floral Carpet Christopher Stocks reports in The Independent on Sunday ( 6 August 2006) about the Belgian city of Brussels' annual floral carpet. This year from 12 to 15 August the city's famous Grand Palace, which is a UNESECO World Heritage site, plays host to a floral carpet which will be 77m by 24m and will include something like 300,000 begonia blooms,